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2011 Video Links

Krider Racing

Tractor Pulling At Its Finest On The State And Regional Level

Arcola In. Day 1   7-8-2011   8 th place

Arcola In. Day 2   7-9-2011   8 th place

Chelsea Mi.   8-27-2011

Coldwater Mi.   8-10-2011   6th place

Connersville In.   6-18-2011   3rd place

Hazelwood In.   6-25-2011   3rd place

Logonsport In.   7-16-2011   4th place

London Ohio   7-13-2011   8th place

Sandusky Ohio   8-12-2011   9th place

Valparaiso In.   9-4-2011   8th place

Wellington Ohio   8-26-2011   Full Pull

Wellington Ohio   8-26-2011   Winning run

As you can see when you watch these videos, tire bounce was a big problem this year in trying to get the new tires figured out.