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Krider Racing

Tractor Pulling At Its Finest On The State And Regional Level

10-3-2010 With the season finally over Doubledose Plus One has had a very good season, winning the HSTPA points, winning the Wolverine Points, winning the Region 2 points and also qualified for the Enderle pull off.

We also have some new video coming later from our new rollbar cam.
Look for these later on.

8-29-2010 Doubledose had to have emergency surgery. At the Armada Mi. pull the air changed so fast that we ran the motors lean and tulliped several intake valves on the left and right side motor’s. So we have it all tore apart and the heads are going to the machine shop first thing tomorrow.

Updated schedule page links
Tractor work is progressing along at this time. 2 short blocks together. I got my trailer back the other day from the factory, They moved the axels back and done some warranty work on it

Now that I have gotten my Christmas project out of the
way, I have done a complete site update today, I have posted 13 new video’s and done a general update to everything.

As far as work needing done for the 2009 season, I have 1 block and 1 set of heads that need worked on after dropping
a valve at Hillsdale. The bad thing is that this was a new
block and set of heads for the 2008 season. I also need to
pull the other 2 motors as well and go thru them. So when
it warms up a little more and I can warm the shop up after work I will get started on them. I may try out my new camera and see if I can post a couple of pictures of the heads later on.
Pictures of heads and piston

Sorry for lack of website update, but as soon as pulling was over, I started on my new adventure of animated Christmas lights. This is my second year and it takes a lot of time to get the programming done and the new pieces made that I added for this year. Please visit www.buscochristmas.com for details if your interested.

Well with the 2008 season over, Double Dose + one had a decent season. We ended up winning the Wolverine points title for 2008. We also finished 3 rd in Hoosier State points and 5th in region 2 points. Will get some new videos put up in January and will do a general update then

9-30-2012 ****** Doubledose captured the wolverine mod points title for the 2012 season. Also Doubledose captured the HSTPA mod points title for 2012. Also Doubledose finished up 4th in the region 2 points race.*******

8-23-2012 Doubledose has been running pretty well, except for the last 2 pulls where we got into some  bouncing. We are leading the points in the Wolverine circuit and also leading the points in the HSTPA circuit. Also we are sitting forth in the region 2 points at this time

7-23-2012 Double Dose has been running pretty well since we started the season out. We have gotten a win and several 2nds and 3rds so far. We missed a region 2 pull last night @ Mount Vernon Ohio due to transmission problems in the hauler. Hoping to be back together and ready for Ionia Mi. on Friday

6-24-2012 Double Dose started out the season with a second place finish at the Connersville In. Pull. We are getting ready for a busy week with Marion County the 26th, Arcola the 29th and Hazzlewood the 30th.

4-10-2012 All motors are out and torn apart. We found sevaral cracked pistions. So we have parts ordered and are awaiting them to arive. I am stripping the frame down and going to have it staightened a little to help align the motors back up after last years rough seaon.

1-28-2012 Have done minor updates to the site. Also have uploaded what videos I had for the 2011 season.
the good, the bad and the ugly. I did not have many since my camera lady got a new job and did not have any vacation time this past summer..

1-21-2012 The Double Dose team was presented a picture, jacket and a check for winning the modified points race at the annual Wolverine Pullers award banquet held in Coldwater Michigan. Also the big surprise for the Double Dose team was being named Puller of the year for 2011. What a big surprise that was.

11-26-2011 The Double Dose team was presented a wall plaque, jacket and a check for winning the mofified tractor points race at the annual HSTPA awards banquet in Indianapolis Indiana

10-29-2011 With the season now over,Doubledose Plus One did end up wimming the Wolverine points title and also the HSTPA points title. I have gotten  the tractor preped and ready for storage for a few months and trying to put a plan together for what changes I want to make for next year. Here is the reason the tractor gets put in storage for a couple of months, My other hobby takes over:
Click Here

9-25-2011 With the season almost over, It has been a rough season for the Doubledose team. I put on a new set of the HP tires and have struggled most of the season getting them to work. After many runs down the track and bouncing bad, we had many runs that we could not get 200 feet down the track. After trying many combinations of tire presures, we started looking at other things. One big thing I found was that my clutch setup was not adequate for the HP tires. After rebuilding all 3 cluctch's and making drastic changes from my old way of setting them up in mid August, I have helped the bouncing problem by 90%. I still need to work on other things to help the bounce on the hard tracks.

3-21-2011 Brand new look for the Krider Racing website. I decided it was time to do a complete make over of the web site since it has not had a major make over since I started it. If you have any trouble with this site Please E-mail me with the problem

7-6-2013*****  Website has had a major update to bring it up to date including new videos from 2012 season.

4-22-2013 ******  For the first time in 34 years Doubledose Plus One will not be running this season. After taking a bad ride at the Enderle Pull Off in September I was told on April 8th that I had tore the musle loose from the bone and needed surgery to reattach it. So not being able to get in to get it done untill the first week of May and a 3 month recovery period, I have decided to sit out this season. I think this will be a boring summer. I will get to some of the pulls to watch and visit.    *****

7-13-2013, What should I be doing since I am not pulling this season? Oh, Oh,Oh, I know, how about working
on Christmas lights for this winter. Just got my first batch, 6000 led icicle lights. Since I hang these on pvc pipe I can go ahead and put these on now. Then when I go to put them up, I just hang the pvc pipe on the hooks I have up on the peaks.