Roll Bar Cam Video 2010

Allegan Mi. 9-15-2010 Roll Bar Cam, 3rd place finish

Armada Mi. 8-17-2010 Reg 2 pull. This is the first run and is a full pull

Boyers run from the roll bar cam as I wait to come up next

Centreville Mi. 9-24-2010 Roll Bar Cam, 3rd place run

Findlay Ohio 9-4-2010 Roll Bar Cam, 2nd place finish

9-18-2010 This run from Urbana Ohio @ the Enderle Pull Off 3rd place finish

Greenville Ohio 8-24-2010 Roll Bar Cam, First hook of the class

Armada Mi. 8-17-2010 Roll Bar Cam, The winning run in the pull off.

Since I cannot control the lighting condions at these tracks some are very dark

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